Committe Members & Contact Details


President - Mr Paul Hanks


Mrs Jane Turner
Tel : 01483 898541
email : rowland.turner@btinternet.com

Hon. Secretary
Mrs Bobby Haly
Tel : 01895 833875
email : bobbyhaly@yahoo.co.uk

Assistant Secretary
Miss Gill Hill
Tel : 01608 676951

Hon. Treasurer

Mr Manuel Fernandez
Tel : 02380 190614
email : drfernandez@live.co.uk

Rescue Officer
Mr Brian Collins
Tel : 01233 720384
email : bpcollins@btinternet.com

Mrs P. Crome, Mrs J. Edwards, Mrs R.Fraser,
Mrs C.Speed, Mr D.Fraser, Mr M.Speed, Mr P.Hilton,
Mr R.Turner

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