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Results from Championship Show 2nd December 2023
Judge ; Miss Debbie Graham
Best in Show & Dog CC - Browns’ CH JOKYL DAILY SPECIAL JW

Reserve Best in Show & Bitch CC - Underwood's CH JOKYL RISING STAR


Reserve Bitch CC - Collins’ CH COLLDALE ALL OR NOTHING

Best Puppy in Show & Best Puppy Bitch - Lee’s JOLLIVER JOY RIDE TO STARGUS

Reserve Best Puppy in Show & Best Puppy Dog - Pickerings’ JOLLIVER DAVE JA VU

Best Veteran in Show - Edington-Hall's WENDAIRE KISSED BY AN ANGEL JW Sh.CM Sh.CEx (B)

Championship Show  5th December 2022
Judge Julian Barney

Many thanks to the officers & Committee fot the invitation to judge their club championship show. It was a real honour to judge the breed for the first time as they have been such a large part of my early life. It was good to meet old friends and judge some lovely exhibits, so many thanks to exhibitors for entering and taking their time in preparing their dogs. Having had Welsh Terriers for many years I can only have admiration for the time and effort invested to get an Airedale ready.
There was a super atmosphere around the ring and everyone seemed to enjoy their day out, at I beleive this new venue.Many thanks to my steward as well for keeping thr ring running so well.
In general I felt that heads are something to be worried about. Skulls were wide causing them to look very cheeky and loose that balance between skull and foreface, which in turn looses that subtlr chiselling under the eye. Some had a round eye as well and in some cases houndy ears or set incorrectly. Movement should also be considered as rear drive was lacking.Coat & Colour were good

Special Aspirant Dog or Bitch (3)
1. Staciu's Airedor Red Diamond. Well balanced head with plenty of length with good v shaped ear.Keen and alert in expression. Plenty of substance, well ribbed back with correctspring and depth of brisket.Well madefront assembly, Topline strong.  Moved away a little close behind. Well presented
2. Du Toit's Crilee Carry On Baby Be Mine With Bellamunro. Good bone and feet with a straight front. well ribbed and a good level topline.Would like a better lay of shoulder and a little more drive from behind on the move.
3. Salvage's Crilee Carry On My Lord
Minor Puppy Dog (4,2)
1. Ferhead's Settleback Royal Flush. RBPIS. I prefered the maturity and substance to 2nd.Balanced make & shape.Brisket to elbow.With good bone & feet. Well balanced long head with correctset ear &shape.Strong topline & well coupled into well made rear with a well let down hock and lenth of second thigh.Coat was still very still in his puppy stage but should be good once through.
2nd. Turner's Carry On The Legend. Yet to mature into his frame.Alittle leggy at the moment.Good bone and feet,well ribbed back and spring.Another with a good length to head a well shaped v shaped ear and set correctly,creating an alert expression.
Junior Dog (3,1)
Lee's Stargus Alibaba. On his tip toes of expectation.Presentation is immaculate.Good length of head with correct ear set and shape.Very keen and alert.well bodied for his age.Correct lay of shoulder into a well made front with good bone.Good topline with short coupling.I'd like just a little more rear angulation in the stifle
2. Hacker & Jenkins Muliebrity Blue Berets At Sheriffs.Another nice dog but for different reasons.Good length of head,balanced.Wellset ear & shape.Well made front assembly with correct bone & feet.Like a little more lay of shoulder.Plenty of bodyand well ribbed back.Movement was ok.

Novice Dog (1)

Limit Dog (3,1)
Toulsonslson's Toulsyork Sequel.RCC.Preferred the overallmake & shape of this boyto 2nd.He was certainly up for it on his tiptoes.Super harsh coat and well presented.Brisket to his elbows.And well ribbed back with a good spring to them.Short coupled.And a good topline.A well made forehand with a clean neck into well laid shoulders.Moved well in front & kept his topline in profile.
2nd.  Pickering's Stargus Aldandini At Jolliver NAF Another keen male.Well presented with a good lenth of head andno coarseness.Well set ear & shape.Straight front with good bone & feet.Like truer front movement coming towards you. Well seton tail & carraige with and well let down to the hock.

Open Dog(4,2)
Hampton & Hall's Mulebrity Wilderness.CC & RBIS.Won this classand th CC on movement.He has the most masculine of heads without being coarse or broad.Well balanced with a good ear set and used them well to create an alert expression.Good flow from clean neck into well laid shoulder.Brisket to elbow and well ribbed with good spring.Good rear angles and well set on tail.Super rich colour and well presented Good mover & kept a balanced picture on the move.I gather this was his 3rd CC on the day..
2.Brown's Jokyl Daily Special.Another mature well made dog.A lot to like about him well presented.With a goodclean forehand with plenty of substance. good strong topline with the tail well set on.Good bone & feet.Pleasing head and expression,alert & keen.I'd just like a little reach and drive from him on the move

Rust's Jokyl Power Lady, A well made bitch with a good long head & well set on ear.I would like a slightly less round eye. Awell made forehand into a good lay of shoulder.Correct bone & tight feet. well bodied with a good spring of rib & brisket to elbow. Moderate rear angulation. Like a little more drive from the hock joint.Kept her topliline on the move

Junior Bitch (1)
Richardson's Muliebrity Ripples with Airechein, A very honest kind of bitch. Good long head with a almond eye.Well set ear, and v shaped. Just maybe needs to grow to her ear. Clean forehand keeping a good level topline on the move supported by being well ribbed back & short couplked, a little close behind when going away from you.

Open Bitch (8)
1. Underwood's Ch Jokyl Rising Star.CC  & B.I.S. What the saying save the best till last. What a lovely Open Class it was to judge and on a different day I could have done something else the quality was that good. A real quality bitch with nothing over done.Really comes into herself on the move, pulling into a lovely make and shape. One of the best heads of the day well balanced with a good eye and correctly set ears, and really used them to best advantage.Well made forehand into good lay of shoulder. well bone and correct feet.Well Bodied with plenty of substance.Good topline and well set on tail. Well made rear with enough angulation.Moved wellboth ways

2. Collins's Ch Colldale All Or Nothing. RCC. I just preferred the head and expression of 1st. Lovely outline,make and shape. In super coat and well presented. Good straight front with good bone and feet.Clean neck and shoulder and good lay. Correct tail set and carraige on the move.A well let down to the hock with good angulation. Moved well, just lot out on maturity.


Best In Show
Turner's Crillee Carry On My Baby





Thank you to the Officer's & Committee of their invitation to judge their Open Show, the exhibitor's for their entries and those who supported on the day and Manuel Fernandez who did a good job as steward.  There were lots of prizes to be won and a lovely spread of food for all to enjoy.


PD (3-1ab), 1, BD, RBIS, BOS & BPIS Lee's Stargus Alibaba, 9mths at his first show, a little unsure at first but gained in confidence, head of good length, flat skull, well shaped eye, strong muzzle with good depth, correct dentition, straight front, muscular neck, deep chest for age, ribs carried well back, short firm loin, good tail set, well muscled quarters, low set parallel hocks, neat feet, well presented jacket of good texture, well balanced in profile, up on his toes moved out with free stride upstanding

atitude as you would expect from the 'king' of the terriers, one to watch


OD (2-1ab) 1 Lee's Stargus Golden Arrow, mature d of good breed type, well proportioned head, well filled under the eye, good muzzle & bite, strong neck into well laid shoulders, deep chest, good ribbing, not as compact as his kennel mate, powerful hindquarters used well on the move, neat feet, good outline held on the move


NB (2-1ab) 1 Haly's Vivavick Ad Libitum, well balanced in profile, head of good length, well shaped eye, correct bite, straight front, moderate neck, deep chest, well ribbed, firm loin, sound quarters, low set hocks, moved out freely once settled


PGB (3-1ab) 1 Hilton's Touessroks Glitz And Glam, lovely outline, clean head of good length, well filled under the eye, strong muzzle, good dentition, deep chest reaching elbows, ribs carried well back, strong loin, well muscled quarters, parallel hocks, well padded feet, moved soundly would prefer her to carry a tad less weight, 2, Richardson's Glentops Naught But Nice


LB (4-1ab) 1, BB & BIS, Tunrer's Crillee Carry On My Baby, well balanced from all angles, well proportioned head, lovely ear set used well, good muzzle & bite, ample bone, good run-in & layback, deep chest, short firm loin, well muscled first & second thigh giving good drive from behind, lovely rich colour & well textured coat, moved & showed with style, 2, Vivavick Ad Libitum, 3, Steinke's Toulsyork Perfectionist


OB (3-1ab) 1 & RBB, Edwards Saredon Simply Susan At Smockalley, mature b who presented a good outline, head of good length, strong muzzle, good bite, straight front, moderate neck, deep chest, ribs carried well back, short loin, low set hocks, good coat texture, moved soundly fore & aft, 2, Turner's Crillee Cool Wishes, did not appear to appreciate the surroundings, mature b of quality, flat skull, well set ears, well off for bone, good neck, shoulders & topline, deep chest, strong firm loin, well made quarters low set hocks, just lacked overal balance on the move, a lovely b to go over nonethless


Elaine Johnson Memorial Stakes



  Best Dog: Lee’s Stargus Alibaba



Reserve Best Bitch was Joan Edward’s Saredon Simply Susan

SEATC Open Show, 20th March 2022, at Fairlands Community Centre.

Judged by Mr. Neil Stragg.

The SEATC held their Open Show on 20th March 2022 at Fairlands Community Centre on a beautifully sunny spring morning.  We were fortunate to welcome Neil Spragg who had come to judge our entry. 

It was a shame that there were rather a few absentees thanks to a variety of reasons.

The Committee worked hard to make everyone welcome and the atmosphere was convivial.  

Pat Crome took charge of the customary raffle and Chris and Mick Speed took the refreshments under their wing. The rest of the committee busied themselves with other duties. 

Neil did a grand job and found his Best in Show and Best Bitch in Jane and Rowland Turner’s Crillee Carry On My Baby, whereas Best Dog, Best Dog and Best Puppy Dog. He was also Reserve Best in Show and that at only 9 moths old! Reserve Best Bitch was Joan Edward’s Saredon Simply Susan at Smockalley. She also won the Elaine Johnstone Memorial Stakes.

We all enjoyed the day and hope that Neil did too. 

With the war in Ukraine very fresh in our minds, we held a collection and as so often the generosity of the members of the SEATC and the visitors to the show showed in the result. There was £95.50 in the collection tin, so I rounded that up to £100.00 and sent it to the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal.

Following the Show, we held the 2021 AGM at which it was decided that the Club would make a donation to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust providing help and support to people in Ukraine saving and caring for abandoned dogs.

Bobby Haly

SEATC Open Show, Held on 20.03.2022 at Fairlands Community Centre. Judge: Mr. Neil Straw.

B.I.S/Best Bitch: Turner’s Crillee Carry on My Baby     Best Dog: Lee’s Stargus Alibaba

  Res. Best Dog: Lee’s Stargus Golden Arrow     Res. Best Bitch: Edwards’ Saredon         Simply Susan at Smockalley

RBIS/Best Puppy/Best Puppy Dog: Lee’s Stargus Alibaba

Class 2: Puppy Dog 3 entries, 2 absent

1 Lee’s Stargus Alibaba

Class 7: Open Dog 2 entries, 1 absent

1 Lee’s Stargus Golden Arrow

Class 11: Novice Bitch 1 entries, 1 absent

1 Haly’s Vivavick Ad Libitum

Class 12: Post Graduate Bitch 3 entries, 1 absent

1 Hilton’s Touessroks Glam and Glitz

2 Richardson’s Glentops Naught but Nice

Class 13: Limit Bitch 4 entries, 1 absent

1 Turner’s Crillee Carry on My Baby

2 Haly’s Vivavick Ad Libitum

3 Steinke’s Toulsyork Perfectionist at Temtiz

Class 14: Open Bitch 3 entries, I absent

1 Edward’s Saredon Simply Susan at Smockalley

2 Turner’s Crillee Cool Wishes


Class 15: Elaine Johnstone Memorial Stakes                            6 entries, 2 absent

1 Edward’s Saredon Simply Susan at Smockalley

2 Haly’s Vivavick Ad Libitum

3Turner’s Crillee Cool Wishes

4 Hilton’s Touessroks Glitz and Glam 


South of England Airedale Terrier Club Championship Show
5th December 2021

It was an honour to be invited to judge this Breed Club Championship Show, and I had looked forward to it.  The committee had worked very hard to make the hall covid secure with a well laid out ring.  Many thanks to Secretary Bobby Haly and her team and to my stewards Manuel Fernandez and Rowland Turner.

Unfortunately, some of the exhibits were not happy in the hall and this affected their placings.  I am sure that they will do better with more experience in indoor rings.

Best in Show was the bitch Ch/Ir Ch Bambusa Follow The Dream,

Reserve Best in Show a bitch at only her second show Peggillo Elf On A Shelf,

Best Opposite the junior dog Muliebrity Wilderness, his first CC but he is full of type and quality and scored in size and coat to win over the Reserve CC Ch/Ir Ch Bambusa So Noble

Best Puppy in Show was the dog Jokyl Daily Special and he may well live up to his name.

Best Veteran Ch Muliebrity Rilletta JW ShCM still looks like the champion she is and was one of the best movers of the day.

Special Aspirant D/B (1,0)

1) Blackburn Jecadie Just Spicy Sparkler for Lumosadie 4 years old bitch who needs a little more leg to balance her.  Flat skull, strong foreface.  Can have a little more rib.  Sound mover, good tailset.  Not in her best coat.

MPD (2,1)

1) Brown Jokyl Daily Special 7 months, full of terrier spirit, with excellent coat texture.  Cobby with good tailset.  Long clean head.  Ears could be neater.  Dark eye.  Excellent mover.  I liked his substance, coat texture and colours.  A good prospect BP

PD (1,0)

1) Pickering Stargus Alidandini 6 months raw youngster who is a little long for balance at the moment and needs to spring in ribs.  He has a long head which could be a little cleaner in skull, good eye.  Excellent rear and rear movements.  Needs time for coat, very good temperament.

JD (1,0)

1) Hampton & Hall Muliebrity Wilderness 15 months high quality and full of breed type.  Short with good ribs and chest and excellent topline and tail.  Excellent coat texture.  Excellent head and eye.  Very good rear.  Front movement can firm up a little but he pleased me enormously and took the CC.

ND (1,0)

1) Day Vivavick Zeemans Held 4-year-old strong dog of good leg length and balance.  Sound moving, strong head which is a bit deep through.  Excellent temperament.  Not in show coat.

PGD (2,1)

1) Day Vivavick Zeemans Repeat

LD (2,0)

1) Stargus Golden Arrow 2-year-old strong dog who is a little long for balance and this shows in his topline on the move.  Excellent coat and colours and good rear movement.  Masculine head of good length.

2) Day Vivavick Zeemans Repeat

OD (5,1)

1) Gregg Ch/Ir Ch Bambusa So Noble 4-year-old short backed, excellent head and best movement of the class.  Not quite in his best coat. I would prefer a little more of him all through.  RDCC

2) Turner Ch Chrillee Maximus The Cool Liked his size and head, good coat.  Just not the topline or front action of winner.  Good head and eye.  Presented in great form.

3) Toulson Toulsyork Rolo Coaster

V D/B (3,1)

1) Fernandez & Purnell Ch Muliebrity Rilletta JW ShCM 10-year-old wonderful veteran and a superb mover.  Lovely clean head, well ribbed, in excellent coat.  In superb condition, full of spirit.  Strongly made and full of quality.

2) Steinke Temtiz African Flame Lily ShCM 10-year-old a little short on the leg and not as firm in topline as the winner.  Clean feminine head and good eye.  Perfect, clean dentition.

JB (5,2)

1) Hilton Touessroks Giltz And Glam 17-month-old full of type and most forward in body in this class and did just enough to win as she did not like the floor.  Good length of head which could be a little cleaner in skull.  Good ears and eye.  Sound moving.  Presented in good form.

2) Hampton & Hall Muliebrity Summer Sun 15-month-old confident in the class and a touch more feminine in head but not as forward in rib and body.  Good eye and expression.  Can firm up in front.

3) Curran & Swash Jokyl Ladybird my winner standing but unhappy on the floor.

NB (6,2)

1) Hampton & Hall Muliebrity Ocean Bay 17-month-old of good size and proportions, deep bodies and with good coat and colours.  Clean head with strength in foreface.  Clean shoulders, well ribbed and with good tailset.  Confident and clean moving.

2) Haly Vivavick Ad Libitum 2-year-old a little stronger in skull then the winner but she had a short back, good coat and colour and was sound and confident on the move.  Had a big pull in body and coat over

3) Brand Branded Ruby Red

PGB (3,1)

1) Sinclair Hughes & Pearce Peggillo Elf On A Shelf NAF 4-year-old who really took the eye when she came in the ring.  Top size but quality all through and with superb topline and high tail set.  Clean head, dark eye and presented in top form.  Moved well and was full of confidence RBCC.

2) Richardson Glentops Naught But Nice 2-year-old a touch short on the leg for balance but I liked her feminine head, good expression, marred a little by ears which could be neater.

LB (7,1) good class with quality throughout

1) Turner Crillee Carry On My Baby 2-year-old of lovely proportions and balance.  Feminine all through but with good chest and ribbing.  High set tail.  Long feminine head.  Dark eye could be a little smaller.  Just a touch close in rear movement on the day as she was in season and this held her back in the challenge.

2) Lee Stargus Sea Of Gold 2-year-old slightly stronger bitch who is full of type.  Superb coat texture and colours.  Long head with good eye and expression.  Excellent rear action.  I preferred balance of the winner.

3) Toulson Toulsork Llinsaire Opal

OB (6,0) Another class deep in quality

1) Gregg Ch/Ir Ch Bambusa Follow The Dream 4-year-old, not the biggest of bitches but everything in proportion and full of quality.  Her head is clean, of good length, with good eye and ears.  Short and cobby and with perfect topline and tailset.  Accurate mover, never losing her shape.  Had ring presence BCC & BIS

2) Collins Colldale All Or Nothing 2-year-old looked my winner standing for size and she looked a picture with her long feminine head and good eye.  Clean neck of good length.  Plenty of ribcage and chest.  On the move she had a good stride but lost her topline and this detracted from the picture, when she came to challenge for RBCC was not as settled – a great pity.

3) Edwards Sharedon Simply Susan At Smockalley

Frank Kane






Delighted to be invited to judge this show, thank you to the club and the exhibitors.

Best in Show: Mrs L LEE Stargus Sea of Gold

Reserve Best in Show: Mrs L LEE Stargus Golden Arrow

Best Puppy In show: MR R and MRS J TURNER Crillee Carry on Day Dreamer


Beginners Dog or Bitch (1,3)

1st        Mr D C STANCIU Airedor Red Diamond

Nervous girl that did not wanted to be examined. I’m sure with more practise she will come around.

Good head and expression. Nice length of neck, good tail set Moves well coming and going.

Puppy Dog (0,0)

Junior Dog (0,0)

Novice Dog (0,0)

Post Graduate Dog (0,0)

Limit Dog (1,1)

1st Mrs L LEE Stargus Golden Arrow

Striking masculine dog. Lovely head and expression. Strong neck and body, good tail set. Moved great behind a little loose in front. This boy needs a bigger ring to come to his full potential.

Open Dog (0,0)

Veteran Dog or Bitch (0,1)

Puppy Bitch (2,4)

1st Mr R & Mrs J TURNER Crillee Carry On Day Dreamer

Very feminine puppy with great head, ears and eyes. Nice straight front, well sprung ribs and level topline.  Good angulations moved well behind. Very showy girl. Need to settle in her front movements.

2nd Mr D C STANCIU Airedor Red Diamond

Junior Bitch (1,2)

1st Mr P and Mrs E HILTON Touessroks Glitz and Glam

Feminine bitch in great condition. Nice head with good set of ears and dark small eyes. Well laid back shoulders, Good tail set. Moves fine

Novice Bitch (3,4)

1st Mr P and Mrs E HILTON Touessroks Glitz and Glam

2nd Mrs J BLACKBURN Jecadie Just Spicy Sparkler For Lumosadie

Little broad in head and with slightly light eyes. Good ear set. Good shoulder and topline. Well angulated. Shown in good hard condition. Moved well.

Post Graduate Bitch (6,6)

1st Mrs L LEE Stargus Sea of Gold

Very showy girl that owned the ring. Beautiful head with small dark eyes. Well set ears that she used all the time. Nice long neck . Good depth of chest. Moved with drive. Great coat

2nd Mr R and Mrs J TURNER Crillee Carry On My Baby

Lovely head and expression Clean neck and deep chest, Well laid back shoulders. Dipping slightly in her top line. Moves ok. Shown in good condition

Limit Bitch (4,4)

1st Mrs S UNDERWOOD Jokyl Rising Star

Good head, eye and ear set. Nice neck leading into a strong body. Good tail set Moves very well. Shown in beautiful hard condition.

2nd Mr M HACKER and Mr D JENKINS Crillee What A Carry On At Sherifs

Beautiful long lean head and expression. Good front and shoulder. Nice deep chest.  Shown in good condition . Moved a bit erratic.

Open Bitch (2,6)

1st Ms W A ERDINGTON-HALL  Wendaire Kissed By An Angel

Slightly broad in head but lovely length, small eyes and good ears. Well proportion. Good tail set and moved with drive

2nd Mrs J BLACKBURN Jecadie Just Spicy Sparkler For Lumosadie


Elaine Johnstone Memorial ((5,7)

1st Mr R and Mrs J TURNER Crillee Carry On My Baby

2nd Mrs B HALY Vivavick Ad Libitum

Nice compact bitch with feminine head and expression. Good neck and shoulders. Nice strong topline. Good hard coat. Moves a bit narrow from behind.


(Sanna Rosell, Judge)








Iwahashi's Rockridge Can't Stop Loving You




Reserve Best In show
Crilliee Maximus The Cool



Best Veteran In Show
Nedella Allspice At Ellwoodkings




Best In Show & Reserve Best In Show



Open Show 25th march 2018
Judge - Mrs Helen Toulson ( Toulsyork )

Best In Show - Lee's Stargus Allegro
Reserve Best In Show - Collins's Colldale Ring Of Fire
Best PuppyIn Show - Day's Vivavick Zeemans Held


Picture by Gus Lee ( Stargus )

Judges 'Critique '



 Main Results from our last Championship Show

Held on 3rd December 2017
Judge : Mr Rodney Eastall


' Best In Show '
Lee's Stargus Santa Rocks


' Reserve Best In Show'
Moules - Doraemi One Vision ShCM


Best Puppy In Show

Lee's Stargus Allegro

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