Airedales in Distress was an idea originally of Mrs D (Mac ) Schulth ( Riverina ) who donated £ 100 in memory of Tweedsbairn to get the scheme going and Miss Barbara Sedorski ( Cumnoch ) in 1978. To be run on behalf of the South of England Airedale Club and now co-ordinated by Brian Collins on their behalf. The aims are more or less the same as when it was started

Dogs are normally re-homed from home to home without the need for them to be placed into kennels. Some go into all breed rescue centres and at times the centres will contact our co - ordinater Brian  as they want to find people who have had experience with the breed.

A list is held of people who wish to be considered to take on a rescue Airedale & depending on their experience with dogs , especially Airedales and their individual circumstances with regard to other pets, age of any children if they have any or visiting children, hours worked, a secure garden and any other information that may be relevant to a particular Airedale that needs re- homing.

While details can be sent in by email by people who wish to be considered for re-homing, when the time comes for consideration an in depth telephone conversation will be held to decide suitability to a particular dog before the next stage of being put in touch with the existing owner.

Airedale rescue relies on the honesty of owners about possible problem dogs and therefore prospective owners should be aware of this.For this reason it can mean that a dog has had more than one home and can find it difficult to settle. Families can be very upset when not all is revealed. We are very careful in the process but it can be difficult to asses a dog via the telephone


An unusual situation where we had to bring two 6 month old brothers Eric & Ernie into kennels, both were found good homes after being assesed and a short stay

It is not usual for us to get dogs less than 1 year old, the most common age is between three to eight years old, occasionaly we may get a much older dog who may just need a special home in his/her twilight months .

The most common reasons for dogs needing to be re-homed is often  because of a marraige or relationship break up, people having to relocate abroad for work reasons.
Sometimes we get a request to help with re-homing an Airedale by people who have not had one before, have not put in the required training of the dog and has become quite a handfull.

We are not a buying or selling service and will not get envolved with owners who wish to part with their dog at a cost.

If we succesfully help with re-homing an Airedale we do not make a charge, but we will often ask for a donation to the rescue fund which gives us the funds should we have to receive a dog into kennels and may need medical treatment.

All work done for Airedale Rescue is done on a voluntary basis, so please be patient if your enquiry is not dealt with within minutes of you making it.

We are fortunate in the breed that there is not normally a big rescue problem, so people wanting to go on the waiting list may wait some time, months or maybe longer.

If you would like to be considered for the waiting list please contact BRIAN COLLINS on 01233 720384

email : bpcollins@btinternet.com

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